Herbology – Ljubinje has been operating for two decades in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The field of activity is the purchase, production and processing of medicinal, aromatic and spice plants. The idea of establishing the project is the result of the natural wealth of Herzegovina with the medicinal herbs that surround us:

  • 300 sunny days
  • Collision of mountain and Mediterranean climate
  • Basic land
  • The environment is completely clean without industrial pollutants
  • Over 300 registered medicinal plants that grow in nature
  • Our herbs are recognized as the highest quality on foreign market
  • During the years of operation, due to continuous investment in technical equipment and staff training, there is a constant trend of increasing the number of our product’s users.
  • We have a completely rounded production process, from primary processing to finished product. Current and future business is based on respecting the rules of professionalism and responsibility for our products
  • 21 scientific, research, technological project
  • Field of specialization of sub-mediterranean culture
  • 2006 First Launched Plantation Plant in Herzegovina
  • 2008 ITN (Belgrade)


  • Production of medical herb’s seeds and seedlings in their own nursery.
  • Planting herbs with emphasis on species that are recognizable as sub-mediterranean cultures from the Herzegovinian: Immortelle, Lavender, Sage, Winter Savory, Thyme, Rosemary, etc.
  • Purchase and primary processing of wild grown, aromatic, spicy and medicinal herbs.
  • Production of several types of filter, classical monocomponent teas and tea mixtures.
  • Production under the brand of customer (teas, fragrant program and cosmetics)
  • Production of scented and decorative bags, pads and bouquets
  • Production of essential oil:Lavender, Immortelle, Sage, Winter savory, Thyme, etc.
  • Production of hydrolats and personal cosmetics of Lavender, Immortelle and Sage.
  • Production of plant extracts (monocomponent and mixtures)
  • Consulting services, project development and education in the field of medicinal herbs and traditional medicine.
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