what we do

Buying and selling of electricity from alternative sources

We specializes in analyses, exploration and sale of natural, alternative and clean energy. We also designs and implements wind farms as well as solar unique systems.

Energy from Waste

We provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s waste into clean energy for a healthier planet.

Our core strength is the ability to convert difficult waste streams, including municipal, incinerator ash, commercial, industrial, petrochemical, and medical waste into syngas and environmentally sound by-products (e.g. aggregate, insulation).


The services we offer

Energy from Waste

  • Plasma gasification of waste water sludge
  • Commercial hazardous waste solutions
  • Advanced gasification energy from waste plants
  • Waste to biofuels
  • Waste to power plant. The plant can transform tonnes of solid waste per day into clean, renewable energy.
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  • Designing and implementing wind farms as well as solar unique systems.
  • Simple Pro Energy shall promote, do the marketing for potential buyers, developers and/or investors in actual or future business-related to Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and related services.

sustainable development principle

  • Our responsibility towards clients is even reflected in the responsibility towards our living environment. We strives to fulfill its role in society through the reduction of the environmental impact, whereas it endeavors to harmonize its business activities with the sustainable development principle.

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