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Dear Associate,

For your information and clear understanding of a great importance the Waste into Energy is, see again the attached Q and A regarding our MONUMENTAL project Waste into Energy GLOBAL Project. With that I have attached other important related documents / informations. Bellow notes also are a good reference for your meetings with Investors.

During your review of the submitted documents, please feel free to call me so that I can answer any and all more questions and concerns in front of the Investors / and user (it could be a good idea for me to meet with investors in the near future as well, I know that will help our cause).

After the last four + months (two years of over all research) of very detailed and persistent research in the area of our main project Wast into Energy I have come up with some very important and confidential documents which will aid our efforts to establish the Recycling Center in Serbia and thereafter in the Balkan Region and further Globally.

Waste into Energy Global Project, is a detailed clarification as a EXAMPLE of all Waste Depos in Serbia with all important data on quantities capacities and other data prudent to our project. The Main Depos are in Novi Sad (Serbia second largest city, pop. 350 000), Belgrade (Capitol city, pop 2,2 M)and southern big city of Nis (Serbia 3rd largest city, pop. 300 000).

Belgrade and Novi Sad are two largest cities in Serbia with only 80 km apart and town of Indjija which is in the middle of the two (see the map) may be the best site for the Recycling Center for both Belgrade and Novi Sad (see attachment RECYCLING CENTERS) with a detailed description of it all.

There are two technologies involved as separate and as team implementation systems of recycling Waste into Energy. Both systems are highly or shall we say hugely profitable.

The Investment for the “HUBERT RECYCLING CENTERS” in attachments is an industrial park and requires between 100 M Euros to 150 M Euros depends on the capacity of the waist that is in total collectable in the certain country. In Serbia 100 M Euros project will do, based on the dayly intake of garbage of 1000 T. I need a 36 month grace period because to build such industrial park and all logistics to be in place (I will have them all through my close gov of Serbia contacts) it will take approx 1 year to build before the technology is put to work. “Hubert” waste into energy technology is in its process ecologically free off pollution, it produces electricity (very profitable) and D2, Bio Disel, hot water, LPG.

On the other hand “KIM RECYCLS” technology (see attachment) is specializes only in waste into energy for plastics, which alone is also a very big global problem/issue. Its much smaller in required area and its own size of it is much smaller in comparison to “Hubert”, therefore its requiring approx 3 months to be built and the investment at around max 30 M Euros.12 months grace period is OK.


Energy from Waste – A Solution for the Future. Treatment of waste from households and industry is one of the main issues all over the world.

Kim Recycls

FTS is a Plastic Waste to Fuel Production System developed and produced in the EU. It is a compact turnkey solution that can be installed in almost any industrial location with very few physical requirements.


International Engineering and Technology Company focused on tailor-made solutions for the production of energy from industrial and household waste.

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