about us

Simple Pro Energy specializes in analyses, exploration, sales of the natural energies.

Our company also works in the field of alternative energy, waste into energy parks, windmill farms and solar unique systems.

Simple Pro Energy strives to fulfil its role in society through the reduction of the environmental impact, whereas it endeavours to harmonise its business activities with the sustainable development principle.


These are some of the services we offer

Selling and buying energy from alternative sources

We are engaged in buying and selling energy that is obtained in alternative ways

Turning waste into energy

Comprehensive processing systems of municipal and industrial waste

Wind farms and solar unique systems

We also designs and implements wind farms as well as solar unique systems

Advanced Waste Solutions.

High quality products and technologies.


Recent projects

Mechanical biological treatment technology for MBT plants. MBT plants are designed to process mixed household waste as well as commercial and industrial wastes. 

Alternative Energy

Energy generation from renewable sources not only provides fashionable, ecological, low emission electricity, it also contributes to a growing independence from fossil fuels.

Groundbreaking technology cultivating a healthy environment and offers solution for sustainable and smart seafood production.

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